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9th Jul 2021, 7:28 AM

Finally putting up my comic!

This is story came to me in a dream back in 2008. It was so complex but I was able to remember it fully and now I can share it in comic form. I tried to make it as close to the dream as possible only a few things are added in or changed.

Story synopsis: Tassy lives in a city that's been protected under a giant Dome for the last 300 years. But when things start to go horribly wrong escape may be only a fantasy.

--This comic is R rated, with all the sensitive subjects that will come up I feel I need a warning. There will be accidents and death, talks of abortion and eugenics, some swearing, violence and terrorism, prostitution and sexual assault. No gore or a focus on any of these things in excess.

-- feel free to point out any spelling and grammar errors. that's not my strong suit. or tell me anything you'd like, I love to hear back from people.

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20th Aug 2021, 7:37 AM

I loving the watercolor technique!

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